Startup Slam features unique interactive sessions led by industry professionals. These sessions are hand picked to give you valuable takeaways and plenty of food for thought.


Laura Cooper
Lead Developer, LeapXD
John Oram
Senior Backend Developer, Certn
Jason Michael
Software Development Manager, Checkfront
Aurora Walker
Software Development Manager, Bambora

Advanced Development

Dave Robinson
Senior Developer, Bambora
May Pongpitpitak
Software Developer & System Admin, Tutela Technologies
Evan Savage
Developer Fellow, Code for Canada
Dave Russell
Development Team Lead, One Feather

Product & Design

Anne Thomas
Co-Founder, Shop Critique
Marisa Bernstein
Municipal Programs Manager, Code for Canada
Karina Rigby
Mixed Reality Software Developer, Gregory C Marshall Naval Architect Ltd
Stéphane Fournier
Freelance Designer, Sponsored by Gearbox


Jayesh Vekariya
Co-Founder and CEO, Joni
Deborah Motilewa
Co-founder & CEO, Afro Hub Marketplace
Yamila Franco
Co-founder & CFO, Afro Hub Marketplace
Julianne Johnson
Senior Customer Success Manager, Checkfront
Jason Carter
Virtual Controller, Virtual CFO